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The National Observatory of Employment and Training  participates in many international projects and closely co-operates with the European Commission, the Cedefop, the OECD, universities and other foreign partner institutions. Within the Czech Republic the Observatory carries out its tasks in close co-operation with ministries, specialist and research institutions in the areas of education, employment and economic and social affairs, with the Czech Statistical Office, employers' organisations and trade unions.

The long-term focus of the National Observatory is the development of a methodology for forecasting skills needs in the labour market. The objective is to systematically generate and analyse information about future occupational requirements, qualifications and skills that would be designed for labour market institutions, the education sector, potential learners, employers and public institutions so as to help hem in their decision-making. There are two interconnected approaches to developing the methodology. These are quantitative projections based on a mathematical model and a qualitative approach based on analyses and expert assessments of future development in economic sectors (sector studies). The National Observatory has made use of the experience in forecasting skills needs as part to the Labour Market Institute project. The project has made it possible to propose a system for regular analyses and forecasts of skills needs in the labour market that will be used, among other things, by employment services.   

These sites were created by group for future skills forecasting at the Nationaly Observatory of Employment and Training. If you would like to obtain more information about our activities or partnership please contact us via e-mail or at the address:

The National Observatory of Employment and Training 
National Training Fund, o.p.s.
Opletalova 25
110 00 Praha 1

Contact phone number: (+420) 224 500 545

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