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Industries development

Information on future development in 41 industries (by NACE 1.1):

Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing Generation and distribution of electricity and heat
Coal mining Manufacture and distribution of gaseous fuels
Extraction of crude petroleum, natural gas and uranium Collection, purification and distribution of water
Minining and quarrying of other materials Construction
The food and tobacco industries Wholesale trade and sale and repair of motor vehicles
Textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries Retail trade; repair of personal and household goods
Manufacture of wood and paper products Hotels and restaurants
Publishing and printing Land transport
Manufacture of fuels and refined petroleum products Water transport
Pharmaceutical industry Air transport
Chemical industry Communications
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products Banking and financial services
Manufacture of other non-metallic products Insurance
Manufacture of basic metals Computer and related activities
Manufacture of metal structures and fabricated metal products Professional services
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. Other business services
Manufacture of electronic equipment and apparatus,
 computers and office machinery
Public administration, defence, social security
Manufacture of electrical machinery and manufacture
of medical, precision and optical instruments
Manufacture of motor vehicles Human health, veterinary activities and social work
Manufacture of other transport equipment Other community, social and personal service activities
Other manufacturing industries

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